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Harrow is a culmination of several nightmares. All of these nightmares were in an old 1995-1998 horror video game setting. It's also heavily inspired by the Silent Hill series, as that has been an influence for many of my nightmares. That's why the game is themed the way that it is. By entering this game, you are entering the embodiment of the nightmares, and because of this, you should proceed with caution.

Remember these or write these down:
-Under tree
-Overturned car
-Sounds where there was nothing before
-Green building
-Under street lamp
-Rusty catwalk


Exit/Enter Fullscreen = alt+enter;
Unfocus Mouse = esc;

Mouse and Keyboard:
Move = W, A, S, and D keys;
Look = move mouse;
Run/action = left click;
Jump = right click;

Xinput Gamepad:
Move= left stick;
Look = right stick;
Run = right trigger;
Run/Action = X button;
Jump = A button;

-Be aware of things that are out of place. Different objects may give you signals that you'll want to look there later. 
-You need to collect certain items in different places, so make sure to be scouting out your area, and even drawing a map out if you find yourself getting lost in the darkness.
-There are ways to rid certain entities from your vicinity. Different entities have different patterns. Make sure to experiment with the entities, and find out what makes them tick, in the little time that they allow you.
-Make sure you know the full threat that you could be putting yourself in when entering this nightmare. This is not a reference to the game, but to you.


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Harrow 1.3 - English.zip 46 MB
Harrow 1.3 - Japanese.zip 46 MB
Harrow 1.3 - Russian.zip 46 MB

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should set up a better control scheme took away from the experience how the controls were set up

I really enjoyed this! The Silent Hill influence really shines. I'd love to see more like this from you. Well done, friend.

Gave it a go...


Just uplaoded a video on your game, and I actually really enjoyed it. Sadly, I wasn't able to beat it but from what I saw in your game I definitely enjoyed myself. This is what I like in a horror game.  

It was settled. It's pleasant that the good atmosphere plays this game now.

Good evening. I'm Japanese. How is the size of the screen changed?


I'm looking to give out download codes of Harrow to streamers and other content creators. Let me know if you're interested, and I can get you a copy of the game.


Great game so far! I really like the silent hill inspiration.